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Due to the COVID-19 situation, our office staff is currently working from home. We are still available to assist you with any questions or admissions information that you require. The Director of Admissions can be reached at 416-816-3843 (call or text), by email at Johnsthechef@gmail.com or via FB Messenger during this time. We will keep you all updated on our status as the information is released by the Province and the Ministry. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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At Liaison College at Pasqualino, we are committed to helping people improve their lives through high-quality education and professional training programs for careers in culinary arts. Our professional programs are all centered on hands-on experience and developing the technical skills necessary to succeed in the food service industry upon graduation. We measure our success in the exemplary employment rates among our graduates, with many of our graduates walking into great jobs as soon as they graduate.

One aspect that contributes to the success of our graduates in our admissions process. During the admissions process, we aim to enroll only those students we are confident we can train and place. We recognize that starting a new career is a huge decision and one that not everyone is prepared to make. That’s why our admissions process consists of three steps, all of which are designed to help you and us make the right decision for your future.

Step 1: Initial Visit

Meeting potential students in person is a far better way for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us than simply sending in the application paperwork. We invite all prospective students to visit our campus, meet other students and instructors, tour facilities, and talk with an admissions officer about your aspirations and plans. This visit process allows you to get a feel for the campus and learn more about the college, asking us all the questions you may have before you make a decision about whether to enroll at our school. If you need more time for a decision, we’re always happy to schedule a second appointment before you apply.

Step 2: Apply for Admission

Our application process is relatively similar to that of other colleges, with an online application requiring work and education history and information about why you are interested in attending culinary school. Enrollment in our culinary programs is limited, so you should apply for admission as soon as possible in order to claim a space in the next start date. Simply fill out the paperwork and pay an application fee to complete your application.

Step 3: Complete Financial Arrangements

Once you complete your application and the entrance examination is evaluated, we’ll have you meet with the director of the program to determine financial arrangements for your program. We recognize that many students must make financial sacrifices to accomplish career goals, often taking on debt or other financial burdens to pay for education. We are committed to making this process as stress-free as possible, helping determine the right combination of down payment, payment plans, educational loans, or other sources of funding to make your attendance in our program possible.

Once these three steps are complete, you’ll be accepted into the class start date of your choosing.

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